Cost of landscape design plans

Cost of landscape design plans

Cost of landscape design plans is not high, but in reality you are paying all expenses for the services involved to your landscape projects. If the landscape is small, a landscape plan is the best thing to use.

Cost is also related to the size of the project and size of the budget.

Size is not that critical. A landscape design costs a lot of money, but that cost does not necessarily mean that it is a large project. Landscape design cost is a small part of the budget of any project.

Landscape designs costs have three types. They are:

Design cost

Design preparation cost

Installation cost

Design Cost

The design cost of a landscape design plan is the cost of designing the plan.

Design Preparation Cost

Design preparation cost is the cost of preparation before the design is created.

Installation Cost

Installation cost is the cost of the landscape installation. Installation cost is determined by the size of the space and your project budget.

The landscape design plan is created on a scale drawing of your landscape project. It will include a map of the property, elevation diagram of your landscape, drawings of the hardscape of the property and landscaping design plans. A scale drawing and land survey maps are used to create this landscape design.

Design Cost

The cost of a landscape design plan is determined by the size of the property, types of materials required, type of design elements, design costs of landscaping elements and the time and expense of the design.

Design Preparation Cost

The design preparation costs includes all work that is done prior to creating a landscape design plan. It includes:

Determining the project budget

Determining the types and quantity of material required

Determining the construction methods of the project

Determining the hardscape of the property

Preparing the site layout of the landscape plan

Creating the design plans and specifications

Preparing the drawings

Preparing and coordinating the project

Preparing the project site

Creating the site plan

Preparing the project budget

Estimating and preparing the budget

Determining the types and quantity of material required

Plan Review

Plan review is the process of reviewing and testing your plan against the current codes and standards. We always recommend performing plan review of your plan as you finalize the design details and before you submit the final plans to the building inspector.

Landscape Installation

Landscape installation is the process of installing the project on the property. It includes soil compaction, installation of the hardscape, soil amendments, irrigation systems, installation of any plants and hardscape materials and installing any fences.

Landscape Preparation

Landscape preparation is the process of preparing the soil to plant your landscape. This includes grading the property, leveling the site and installing any structural items required to complete your landscape installation. Landscape preparation can also be referred to as "soil installation".

Landscape Construction

Landscape construction is the process of completing the landscape installation. This includes installing shrubs, trees, plants and other landscape features. We will coordinate with you to create a design that is unique to your property, creating a beautiful landscape with your own taste.

Landscape Maintenance

Landscape maintenance is the process of maintaining the landscape over time. It includes fertilizing, watering, pruning, trimming and general lawn care. We can even help you with weed control, plant selection and fertilization at this time.

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